Damage Name

ALL OVER - Damage to more than one area of the vehicle – e.g. rear end/side/front.
BIOHAZARDOUS/CHEMICAL - Chemical contamination of any area of the vehicle.
BURN - ENGINE - Fire related damage including wiring damage due to defects/short circuits.
BURN - INTERIOR - Fire related damage to any part of the interior/luggage bay, including wiring damage due to defects/short circuits.
BURN - Extensive fire damage to most/all of the vehicle.
CHIPPED STONE - Stone chips on any parts of the vehicle.
FRAME DAMAGE REPORTED - Frame or chassis damage - used only for motorbikes and trailers.
FRONT END - Damage to the front of the vehicle (from the ‘A’ Post forward).
HAIL - Damage to any vehicle body panels from hailstones.
MECHANICAL - Damage to the engine and the gearbox to include: knocking/noisy engine; smokey engine; gears not engaging; oil leaks; cracks/holes in engine or gearbox, including sump. More information about damage in comments section.
MINOR DENTS/SCRATCHES - Minor dents to any panels of the vehicle not bigger than 30 mm. Multiple scratches on any panels of the vehicle.
NORMAL WEAR - No visible evidence of significant accidental damage. Normal wear and tear related aspects of condition only.
PARTIAL/INCOMPLETE REPAIR - Visible evidence of poor or incomplete repairs to vehicle body, chassis or paintwork.
PREVIOUS REPAIR - Any obvious repairs completed to the vehicle body or paintwork.
REJECT REPAIR - Visible evidence of previous poor quality repairs to any parts of the vehicle.
ROLLOVER - All panels including roof damage that clearly shows signs of being rolled and/or flipped. Includes possible engine oil spillage.
REAR END - Damage to the rear end of the vehicle including the rear quarter panels and boot floor. (If the boot floor is damaged, always image).
SIDE - Damage to either side of the vehicle, including front wings and rear quarters. If both sides are damaged, this is classed as ‘side’. Can include also the wheels and tyres.
STRIPPED - Any parts removed or missing from the vehicle.
TOP/ROOF - Visible damage to the roof, door and/or tailgate tops.
UNDERCARRIAGE - Visible damage to any part of the underside, including the body and any ancillary fittings. Includes suspension, exhaust, fuel tank etc.
MISSING/ALTERED VIN - VIN number missing from the vehicle or if the VIN has been altered or restamped on the vehicle.
VANDALISM - Where damage is overall and relatively light in nature (i.e. broken glass, contaminated paintwork and slashed upholstery). Includes apparent theft-related damage to door handles, locks, steering lock/cowls and ignition wiring.
REPLACED VIN - Missing/altered VIN
WATER/FLOOD - Water damage to the vehicle interior - or mechanical defects to the engine/transmission - due to water ingestion. Use in conjunction with the ‘Flood Line Marker’ process.